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New Building Commissioning (NBCx)

Commissioning is the process used for achieving, validating, and documenting that the performance of the total building and its systems meet the design needs and requirements of the owner. Benefits include:

• Reduced Energy and Operational Expenditures

• Reductions in Change Order during construction

• Fewer system deficiencies after project completion

• Fluid transition and building turnover to client operations

• Improved staff training of new building systems

Retro-Commissioning (RCx)

Retro-commissioning is the process of investigating and evaluating a buildings current systems and operational performance. The process improves building operations through the identification and implementation of modifications to building automation systems and other building system components that typically get overlooked in standard facility audits. Benefits include:

• Reduction in building energy and operational expenditures

• Reduction and/or elimination of building occupant complaints

• Increased value of building and systems

• Increased longevity of building systems

• Improved air quality, thermal comfort, and system performance

• Identification of energy savings opportunities above and beyond the RCx scope

Energy Conservation Management

Energy conservation management is the process of continuously monitoring and evaluating energy consumption while identifying operational abnormalities within a facility or systems and components of buildings. The data gathered and provided to the building owner helps them to make proactive decisions to enhance the efficiency in the operations of their facilities. This results in reduced energy and operational expenditures which in turn improves the bottom line and reallocates valuable resources to needed areas. Benefits include:

• Provides real-time building analytics for prompt system modifications reducing potential energy waste

• Reduction of energy and operational expenditures

• Support of an engineer and technical service team

• Improves staff knowledge of systems

Energy Modeling

Energy modeling helps our customers understand how their building will interact with the environment before it is ever constructed. During the design phase our energy modelers assist the design engineers in equipment selection and building layout and design to make sure the facility will operate at peak efficiency when completed and turned over to the client.

Facility Conditions Assessments

Our FCA process includes both quantitative and qualitative assessments of facilities. The qualitative assessment incorporates professional experience and first-hand knowledge derived from site assessments of building elements. The quantitative assessment includes estimating cost for corrections and forecasting future facility renewal costs. Our meticulous, comprehensive approach to combining technical facility expertise, building systems data, and analytics leads to a robust, reliable determination of a facility’s condition. One of the things that separates us from other FCA offerings is our inclusion of a living data visualization tool that allows owners to be interactive with their facility needs.

Sustainability Consulting

Sustainability consulting is one of our more complex offerings. While it may encompass an array of different tasks, there is one goal; to help our customers design, develop, implement, and meet their sustainability objectives. The process includes facilities and opportunities assessments, stakeholder engagement, sustainable strategy development, implementation guidance/support/management, reporting and communications, and on-going tracking to ensure success!

Owner's Representation

We work on our client’s behalf as a third-party, independent consultant. We act solely in the best interest of our client, communicating project issues and allowing our clients to make informed decisions in a timely manner so the progress of the project is not impeded. As your consultant we begin with you at the thought conception of your project and remain your advocate through and beyond the warranty phase.