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About Us

Smith Rosenfeld is an independent, Wisconsin-owned small business, focused on making facilities more efficient both from an operational and energy use perspective.

Our main purpose is to ensure our clients end up with a building that performs to their standards and meets their project requirements. Through the Commissioning Management process of providing New Building Commissioning (NBCx), Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx), or Monitoring-Based Commissioning (MBCx) you can be sure that your facilities and building systems will be operating at peak efficiency with the lowest cost for operation and maintenance.

Smith Rosenfeld is located in Madison, Wisconsin and is able to serve clients nation-wide in a variety of different markets including, but not limited to; Public and Private K-12 Schools, Higher Education, Healthcare, Government, Commercial/Office, Industrial, and Manufacturing.  Our President, Trenton Smith, holds a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management as well as a Master of Business Administration. 

About our logo: When we designed the logo, we wanted it to mean something…not just be a unique image or picture meant to be eye-catching. First, the ‘S’ represents the first part of the business name.  Second, the color is earth tone/olive green and the shape resembles a tree, both of which represent that we are good stewards of the environment. Lastly, the logo structure signifies the structure of a building and the layers of different systems that may be found within.